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Third year Graphic Design student at UWE, Bristol.

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Level 3 Self directed study on ‘Fear’. I started looking at peoples suggested fears and phobias, and focused on ‘fear of mannequins and things that aren’t human, pretending to be human’. From this i took a few photos to begin manipulating human faces - scratching away the original ink for this particular experiment. 

The Shipping Forecast Level 2 project. Listening to the shipping forecast on the radio and creating initial responses. Using various interesting words mentioned, and researching into tattoo designs traditionally used by sailors i used the two to create small flash cards. 

Initial summer project to start off Level 3 of my Graphic Design course. Choosing one particular news story that made headlines during the summer break, and making a documented response to it. I choose the Batman shooting that took place in a cinema, explaining the story and how, like a movie, your life could end unexpectedly. 

Image and Narrative Level 2 project. Designing a zine on the seaside town Weston-Super-Mare, displaying others memories of visits to the beach through written postcards. 

Level 3 Self directed study on the subject ‘Fear’

For my SDS i am looking into fear, i have begun by collecting peoples list of fears and phobias, their solutions, how and if they have been cured and imagery based within the subject, creating experimental pieces. 
From this i have gone on to look at more ‘general’ fears that affect our day to day lives, under the title ‘Fear is the thief of dreams’. I’m asking people to list their fears for me to then make illustrative designs portraying the fears admitted. 
Please check out for a better idea of the concept, sending in anonymous ‘secrets’ on handmade postcards. 

Any help would be appreciated if people could fill out this one question survey on their ‘fear’, all answers remain anonymous! Thank you! 

Pieces for my final Level 2 Graphic Design project, based on the theme ‘Testing’. These are posters designed against testing cosmetics on animals. I photographed staged scenes of what it would be like testing on humans. Thanks to Dr Starr and Verity Foss for being a human guinea pig!

A few shots from a short movie I’m attempting to make for a current Graphics Project. 1 day until deadlineeee.

A3 hand drawn sailor tattoo design for a current graphics project.

Please could you answer this ONE question short survey on animal testing and cosmetics, to help out with my graphics university project. Thankyou x

Mini zine on Weston - Front cover

Mini zine on Weston - Front cover

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